Data was collected by the COVID Tracking Project (https://covidtracking.com/), which assembles data on a regular basis primarily from state, district, and territory public health departments.

The COVID Tracking Project assigned grades to each state based on four criteria: 1) reporting positives reliably, 2) Reporting negatives sometimes, 3) reporting negatives reliably, and 4) reporting all commercial tests. States meeting all four criteria received an “A” grade, those meeting three criteria received a “B” grade, and those meeting two criteria received a “C” grade. At the time of this study, states were graded as follows:

  • Grade A: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming

  • Grade B: Alabama, Arizona, California, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, West Virginia

  • Grade C: Washington


We are an interdisciplinary team with expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, data science, and computer science at UC Berkeley.

Sean L. Wu,1 Anna Nguyen,1 Nolan N. Pokpongkiat,1 Stephanie Djajadi,1 Anmol Seth,1 Yoshika S. Crider,1,2, Andrew Mertens,1 Michelle Hsiang,3,4,5 John M. Colford Jr.,1 Art Reingold,1 Benjamin F. Arnold,6, 7 Alan Hubbard 1, Jade Benjamin-Chung1

1 Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, University of California, Berkeley
2 Energy & Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley
3 Department of Pediatrics, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
4 Malaria Elimination Initiative, Global Health Group, University of California, San Francisco
5 Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco
6 Francis I. Proctor Foundation, University of California, San Francisco 7 Department of Ophthalmology, University of California, San Francisco

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